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Asphalt Paving

Residential SequenceSince 2000 Woodstock Paving Service has built a reputation with many homeowners, businesses and builders McHenry, Lake, and Cook Counties communities of Northern Illinois as a contractor who provides honest and sound recommendations for your project.  If your job requires a specific asphalt surface thickness, we will not cut any corners to save a dollar now, when you will end up with regrets in the long run. Our bidding process is done fair and specific to each job. Depending on the weather, the paving season generally runs from April thru October.
On most high traffic or industrial projects we generally recommend a 3 inch asphalt thickness; paved in two separate layers for superior compaction. 2 inches is a fairly common for many residential projects; if occasional heavy traffic 2-1/2 inch surface is recommended.

This option is more commonly used on parking lots rather than driveways to save on replacement costs. An overlay is the process where an 1-1/2 or 2 inch asphalt surface is put over an existing pavement or cement without removing the original surface.  This process is most effective when the existing surface is not completely deteriorated.  Problems that are obviously related to an unstable sub base, such as sink holes or large cracked areas, generally need to be repaired first. However, these types of problem areas do not completely rule out an overlay option, they would just need to be corrected first.

Woodstock Paving Service has been using a patented rubberized asphalt surface with the overlay process, and it has proven to be a great product. This technology has been utilized for over a decade now and has proven to withstand our tough Northern Illinois freeze-thaw cycles. Give us a call to discuss which option is best for you and your project.

The paving process is carried out after the project's area has been serviced by our prep crews. The paving crew will arrive on the jobsite on a scheduled day and estimated time; typically with the following equipment.

  • Trucks (2 Pickups with Trailers / 1 Semi-Tractor & Large Dump Trucks)
  • Compaction Equipment (Large & Small Vibratory Rollers / Plate Compactors)
  • Asphalt Paving Machine
  • Misc. Tools (Wheel Barrow/Shovels/Brooms/etc.)

Once our paving crew arrives on the jobsite, your new pavement should be carefully installed in a matter of hours, obviously depending on the size of your project. Every effort will be made during the paving process to avoid puddles in your new drive, however some small ones may be unavoidable depending on the natural slope and drainage of your paving site. Our crews should leave the work area clean with barricades or caution tape placed around newly paved areas.  The freshly laid asphalt should be acceptable for foot traffic immediately after its completion, but should not have automobile traffic for at least 3 full days.

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